Golden Miles of History

Welcome Hwy 99 South

Welcome to St’át’imc territory

Tsuwalhkálh ti tmícwa (the land is ours). The St’át’imc
hold Title, rights and ownership to our territorial lands
and resources. We are úcwalmicw (the people of the land).
We are a Nation, not an interest group. As proclaimed by
our ancestors in the Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe,
May 10, 1911: “We claim that we are the rightful owners
of our tribal territory and everything pertaining thereto.
We have always lived in our country; at no time have we
ever deserted it or left it to others.” The source of these
rights is St’át’imc law.

We, the St’át’imc, view our Territory as the basis for our
survival. We acknowledge the Creator and our responsibility
as caretakers of our Territory. We are inseparably
connected to our land, its water, air, wildlife and plants.
What happens to one part impacts the other parts.
Our people use different locations throughout our Territory
of rivers, mountains and lakes, planning our trips
with the best times to hunt and fish, harvest food and
gather medicines. The lessons of living on the land are a
large part of the inheritance passed on from St’át’imc
elders to our children.

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To all visitors to the area, please be respectful of the
lands, water, vegetation, wildlife, customs and traditions.

Welcome to the spectacular District of  Lillooet located in the Traditional Territory of the St’át’imc Nation!

As one of the oldest towns in the province, Lillooet’s 
history is the history of British Columbia.

Once the largest settlement west of Chicago and 
north of San Francisco as well as the terminus of 
the first road built into the interior of B.C., Lillooet’s 
Golden Miles of History Tour is named for the wealth 
of gold dust mined from the downtown section of Main 
Street that also became the supply hub for the 
Cariboo Goldfields.

If you want to learn more about the epic early history 
of British Columbia, pick up a map of Lillooet’s Golden 
Miles of History Tour at Lillooet Museum and Visitor’s 
Centre or at participating merchants