Shipping Containers in the District

May 06, 2022


Section 42 from the District of Lillooet Zoning Bylaw 2018, No. 454


42. Intermodal Storage Containers

a) Intermodal Storage Containers when allowed as a Permitted use in a Zone contained
within this Bylaw, must be used in accordance with the following requirements:

i) the containers must be used for auxiliary storage purposes only;

ii) they must not be reconstructed, Altered or modified in any way to be used for living
accommodation or human habitation for either personal or business purposes;

iii) they must not be used to store animals, trash, refuse, contaminated or hazardous
materials or stacked one upon another;

iv) they must be placed on a hard dust free surface pad area made with either
concrete, asphalt or similar materials and they must not be permanently affixed to
the ground;

v) they may be used for temporary storage during the construction of a Permitted
Building or Structure. The terms and conditions of the temporary storage container
during construction must be identified in the Building Permit;

vi) they must not be stacked one upon another or laid out in a row;

vii) they must not occupy any of the Permitted Uses required parking spaces and if
applicable the required loading spaces or interfere with the circulation of Motor
Vehicles or pedestrians;

viii) they must comply with the setback requirements for any Accessory Building or
Structures in the applicable Zone; and

ix) they must comply with all other applicable regulations contained within this Bylaw;

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