New - Building Permit Exemption Policy

March 08, 2023
As of March 8, 2023, according to new District of Lillooet Policy DS.02(C), the District of Lillooet will no longer require building permits for the following:
  • Re-covering existing roofs;
  • Re-siding exterior walls; (If adding outsulation then a permit is required)
  • Replacing existing bathroom, kitchen or laundry fixtures and fittings, in the same location;
  • Recovering existing floors;
  • Replacing windows and doors in existing openings;
  • A retaining wall or structure less than 1.2 metres above the finished grade that doesn't add a surcharge or against a slope requiring geotechnical engineering; (landscaping walls)
The British Columbia Building Code applies to these items, but the responsibility to ensure compliance with the code rests with the Owner. 

Permits will not be issued for these items even if requested. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding building permits, please contact the Building Official at or 250-256-4289.

View the Building Permit Exemption Policy here. 

To learn more about building permits go to the Building Services page.