Community Survey Results - Lillooet Hospital Surgical Services

August 30, 2023
Thank you, Lillooet, for the amazing response to the surgical services community health survey last month. We had over 600 responses! Rural community health care is so important to everyone. Mayor and Council will share survey results with Interior Health along with the Ministry of Health to advocate for rural health care for Lillooet and surrounding communities.


PDF Version of Survey Results Post

Link to July 4th  news post advertizing the survey with back ground info. 


Up until approx. 2018 Lillooet Hospital & Health Centre’s Surgical Services consisted of surgeries such as Colonoscopies, Vasectomies, Carpel Tunnel Release, Dental, IUD insertion to name a few. 2018 - 2022, Lillooet Hospital concentrated primarily with Colonoscopies. Lillooet Hospital also maintained the long-standing Maternity ward and birthing units in previous years.

Currently, all of this has been put on pause for the last 15 months. Without knowing the future decisions of Interior Health but realizing the importance of recruiting Dr’s with Maternity and Surgical skills, we need community input to have a proper prospective of the impact on Lillooet residents without surgical options.