Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism is on the rebound post-pandemic and Lillooet is ideally positioned to benefit from the pent up demand for travel from domestic and international markets. Western Canada’s most popular touring route from Calgary/Banff to Whistler/Vancouver is right at Lillooet’s doorstep on Highway 99.   A key municipal asset, the Cayoosh Creek Campground is being redeveloped and will serve as a key ‘capture point’ for this traffic to drive visitors into Lillooet’s downtown core and to its tourism and hospitality businesses.   
Discussions are underway to support a St’at’imc Cultural Centre as part of the new ‘heart of Lillooet’ in an integrated Recreation, Education and Cultural facility on Main Street.  These two developments will create reasons for visitors to stop and stay overnight in Lillooet and send business to all of Lillooet’s retail, restaurant and hospitality businesses.