Getting to Lillooet

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Driving? See our Lillooet Tour Map for a guide to exploring some scenic backroad drives around Lillooet.

Lillooet City Hall
615 Main Street
P.O. Box 610
Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0
Phone: 250-256-4289
Fax: 250-256-4288

By Car, RV or Motorcycle

No matter the direction you're coming from, the drive to Lillooet is guaranteed to be beautiful. Have your camera ready as wildlife can often be spotted on route.

For detailed driving directions to Lillooet explore the links below. Enjoy the drive!

Within British Columbia

Elsewhere in Canada

Coming From the United States

Lillooet as a Flying Destination

Enjoy the sight of Lillooet from the view of David and Janine Black, in their Cessna! ​

On Saturday my wife and I visit your wonderful city using our little Cessna.  I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your beautiful city and the surrounding area.

A stunning tour through Gold Country, BC, Canada by motorcycle. Fantastic scenery and great places to stop for lunch or overnight. Visit Lillooet, Cache Creek, Ashcroft, Spences Bridge and Lytton. Come for a ride!