Water Disruption on Victoria - February 3, 2021

February 01, 2021
We will be repairing a suspected service line leak in our Water Distribution System on the morning of Wednesday February 3rd. 

Water service to Residences located in the 400 - 600 block addresses of Victoria Street may potentially be affected by these repairs. 

During the repair, your residence will likely experience a loss of pressure or water flow, and we recommend that you turn off the electric breaker to your hot water tank to avoid damage to it should your tank drain over the course of repairs. 

Once the repair is complete and water service returned to normal, you will likely experience some short-term turbidity in your water supply; we recommend that you run your outside or cold water tap until this turbidity cleans up. 

We expect the repairs to be complete within a few hours, but suggest that you prepare for the disruption in service in advance, in case the repairs are more extensive than anticipated. 

We will make every effort to limit the duration of this event.
District of Lillooet
Public Works Department