Bylaw Notice Enforcement Policies

June 10, 2021
The Bylaw Notice Enforcement Policy provides protocol for addressing bylaw-related concerns and working proactively with residents to achieve compliance with municipal bylaws. This policy provides general guidance for staff in dealing with bylaw-related complaints within the municipality in an effort to treat all residents fairly and equitably.

The Screening Officer Policy governs the discretionary decision-making of Screening Officers under the Local Government Bylaw Notice Enforcement Act, the Bylaw Notice Enforcement Regulation, and District of Lillooet Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 2021-002 with respect to
1.    cancelling a disputed bylaw notice;
2.    confirming a disputed bylaw notice;
3.    entering into a compliance agreement with a bylaw notice disputant; and
4.    setting aside a bylaw notice debt.

The Adjudication Registry Policy provides guidance for the operation of the District of Lillooet Bylaw Notice Enforcement Dispute Adjudication Registry (the “Registry”). The Registry provides a transparent and impartial process whereby disputants may challenge a bylaw notice issued by the District of Lillooet. The Adjudication Registry Policy outlines in detail the process of disputing a bylaw notice and provides information about how a disputant can appeal an adjudicator's decision with the BC Supreme Court.

The Bylaw Notice Enforcement and Dispute Adjudication Process is outlined in this flow chart and a Frequently Asked Questions document, addresses many questions residents may have.

Please contact the District of Lillooet to request a copy of the policies or access them online in the Document Centre at