Important Contacts

Kevin Taylor
Director of Corporate and Development Services
Phone: 250-256-4289

Christina Timms
Planning Technician and Clerk
Phone: 250-256-4289

Lillooet Municipal Hall
615 Main Street
P.O. Box 610
Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0
Phone: 250-256-4289
Fax: 250-256-4288

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Planning & Development

Development Services is responsible for planning, land use, zoning, building, and permitting in the District of Lillooet. 

Lillooet 2040: Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is an important tool used to reflect the vision for the future of the District, plan how it will grow, and respond to community needs.


OCP Vision:


Key principles that underpin the Future Land Use Concept Map (section 5.3 of the OCP):

  • Reduce size of Downtown core area to focus commercial activity within vibrant, walkable Downtown core.
  • Create opportunities for multi-unit residential development at either end of the Downtown area.
  • Focus most new residential growth within defined “Growth Priority Area”with access to full municipal services.
  • Encourage infill, intensification, and redevelopment within Growth Priority Area.
  • Encourage multi-unit residential and moderate density residential development around downtown to support businesses and active modes of transportation.
  • Avoid premature development of greenfield areas.
  • Conserve environmentally sensitive lands.
  • Protect agricultural lands and encourage sustainable agricultural production.
  • Avoid or carefully manage development on lands identified as hazardous such as steep, unstable slopes, wildfire interface areas or flood-prone areas.

Zoning Information

Land use in Lillooet is regulated by the Zoning Bylaw 2018, No. 454 or by a land use contract (as is the case in some properties on Panorama Terr, Panorama Ln, Hillcrest Rd, and Victoria St). zoning-bylaw-map-image.png

When is Rezoning Required

If your planned development does not conform with the zoning of the property, you will require a rezoning. The rezoning process involves Council approval and includes a public hearing.

Rezoning Process

Rezonings typically take between 3 to 6 months to process, depending on complexity and completeness of applications.
  1. Research OCP and zoning regulations, contact Development Services, and potentially engage a designer.
  2. Complete Application Received
  3. Application reviewed by Development Services staff and internal referral process to allow other departments to review application.
  4. If revisions are required, you will be notified of the necessary changes.
  5. Planning staff present Report and Draft Bylaw to Council, requesting 1st and 2nd Reading.
  6. ​If the application receives 1st and 2nd reading, a Public Hearing is scheduled and advertised by District staff.
  7. You will need to erect a notification of development sign on the property.
  8. Public Hearing is held. Council can then give the rezoning 3rd Reading or defer to a future date.
  9. If 3rd Reading is received, and where applicable, the proposed rezoning is forwarded to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for review.
  10. Following approval, you must remove the signage from the property.

Note: Subdivision, Development Permit, or Development Variance Permit applications can be accepted concurrently with Rezoning applications.


Development-Related Bylaws


Development Forms


Preliminary Review of a Development Proposal

Factors that could affect your development

  1. Does the proposed development comply with the District’s Official Community Plan?
  2. Is the proposed use permitted by the current Zoning Bylaw?
  3. Is a development permit required?
  4. Will a variance permit be required?
  5. Will subdivision approval be required?
  6. Is the property in the Agricultural Land Reserve?
  7. ​Is the property subject to unstable soil conditions, steep slopes, or other environmental constraints?
  8. Is the property subject to an existing land use contract?
  9. Is road widening required?
  10. Are existing services adequate?
  11. What services will be required?
  12. Will a building permit or eathworks permit be required?

Current Development Applications

Below is a listing of current Development Applications. The list will be updated monthly.

Current Rezoning Proposals

File Name Description Status
Z21-004 Rezone 211 & 227 Hillcrest Rd from Community and R-1 zones respectively to a Comprehensive Development (CD-1) zone to facilate a new seniors living complex with assisted living, independent living, and staff housing units. Passed 1st and 2nd reading, Public Hearing scheduled for Jan. 18, 2022
Z21-005 Apply site-specific rezoning to 101 Horsebeef Terr in the RR-1 zone to allow the building of a carriage house on private well-water and septic systems.  Passed 1st and 2nd reading, Public Hearing scheduled for Jan. 18, 2022 
Z21-006 Apply site-specific rezoning to 103 Main St to allow a vetinerary clinic as a permitted use on the site, in the Industrial zone.  In review. 1st reading scheduled for Jan. 18, 2022 Council Meeting

Current Temporary Use Permits
Currently none

Current Development Variance Permits
File Name Description Status
DVP21-004 Variances requested at 104 Main St to the requirements for hard-surfacing parking and commercial loading areas, to installing an oil-water separator, and to installing an EV charging station. Council to consider at Jan.18, 2022 Council Meeting

Current Development Permits
Currently none

Completed Development Applications 
File Name Description Status
DP21-005 & DVP21-006 Development Permit and Variances for 1091 Main St, new mixed use residential and commercial building.  Approved on Dec. 7, 2021
DP21-004 & DVP21-007 Development Permit and Variances for 622 Main St, new mixed use residential and commercial building.  Approved on Nov. 2, 2021
DVP21-005 Development Variance Permit at 108 Main St. Partially Approved on Nov. 2, 2021
DP21-002 & DVP21-003 Development Permit and Development Variance Permit at 272 Main St. Approved on Aug. 10, 2021
DVP21-002 Development Variance Permit at 290 Manson Rd. Approved on Aug. 10, 2021
DP21-001 Development Permit at 633 Main St Approved on July 21, 2021
DVP21-001 Development Variance Permit at 1160 Moha Rd Approved on July 13, 2021